Lawa Cave

Gua Lawa (Lawa Cave: in javanese, lawa means a bat)

GUA LAWA is a cave located in Siwarak, Karangreja, Purbalingga, Central Java Province. This cave is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Slamet  (900 meters above mean sea level).  Descending from the capital city, GUA LAWA is about 30 km which can be achieved by using public transport.

Length of GUA LAWA  is about 1,300 meters which consists of interconnected horizontal holes. Air temperature inside the cave is around 18-20 degrees Celsius, and light intensity is about 21 -165 Lux (Waluyo et al., 2006). Inside the cave there are a puddle of water, mud and boulders. Also, there are a safe search path along with signposts and lighting by electric lamps.

The cave is formed by igneous rock of andesit basaltic due to lava flow of the volcanic eruption of Mount Slamet.  So, we can not find stalagmites or stalagtites inside the cave.

Mt. Slamet: the highest mount in the central java province

The Cave Mouth

weathering of igneous rocks

the joint

the igneous rocks

is it a spider?

walls of the cave


water on the floor

the devil cave



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